The World of Forms


Forms are not only subjected to objects or things we can see.

Forms are ways of expression; it can be a word, music or only noise, thoughts and behaviour, it is communication. These shapes are the closure of a force higher than its expression. The Forms are malleable, maybe that is the reason its called form.

When we speak, the words we use have a different volume, the way we have to articulate our mouth will vary depending on what and how we are saying something. Even the format of the air will change when you speak, forming small or more massive waves while this information travels. When it travels, has no end destination.

When we receive these waveforms, they modify us in that exact moment, thoughts and emotions will respond to it delivering its immediate response to the body which its answer will result in action but more probably a reaction.

Get our routines as an example; it is like living in a hermetically sealed Tupperware, there is still a shape on it; if we do the same things is like following a ghost track.

The force is unlimited and (co)exists within us, anything closed in a format, is limited, the reason is its own growth and progress, representing only a fraction of the corresponding energy, which can depict different degrees of determined force.

There is always a correspondence between the Lower and Upper worlds.



Adriana Vernalha

A Human Exploring Her Creative Nature. Sometimes in Portuguese Sometimes in English @adrianavernalha