Adriana Vernalha

Feb 12, 2020

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Buyer’s Journey and Hero’s Journey

‘The word HERO is Greek, from the root that means ‘to protect and serve’. A Hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice his own needs on behalf of others. A hero is a person who is admired.’

We’re all Heros of our lives, somehow we have all sacrificed something to get somewhere or something we wanted or needed if it wasn’t for ourselves maybe it was for someone special, we’re all on the journey.

We’ve had a time where we were just a seed then we’re born, there’s childhood, the young phase, the young adult phase and adult. Inside of those we have more cycles, where we grow, learn, learn, learn until we die.

We are surrounded by cycles, series of repeated events, the seasons of the year and connected with it the commemorations our civilization share and all of these generate a series of other events. We have a collective and individual journey.


We have a journey of the day, the month, the year. Day: Wake up, shower, nice breakfast, alone or with your family, then go to work, sacrificing yourself and your time for a cause, an idea, a work that has to be done, it’s your and your team’s duty to sacrifice it for the company, finish work go buy some food and start heading home, start you ritualistic end of the day then go to sleep, the next morning, repeat. These are our routines, our routines are cycles and the cycles are journeys.

Journeys can be Macro and Micro and they’re all connected.

Brands and its campaigns, same thing, has a lifecycle and at some point has to end because that message is already old and do not correspond with the present.

So let’s see the Buyer’s Journey

Awareness — Be there, exist in the middle of this noise, you may be noticed.

Interest — Make it brighter, give some small doses of your product or service so our eyes can get shinier.

Consideration — Show why you’re here, your advantages, why should we choose you?

Conversion — Even better, personalize it for our needs, nurture our relationship.

Retention — Now we’re friends, I want your best and you want my best, let’s never forget it but it won’t happen because you will be always around to remind me.

Now, the Hero’s Journey (connected with the Buyer’s Journey)

Ordinary World — Limited awareness of the problem.

Call to Adventure — The awareness stage starts giving some insights (CTA’s of Heroes)

Refusal to Call — Resistance to change

Meeting the Mentor — That’s when they start considering the options

Crossing the Threshold — Now they’ve bought your product, they’ve opened themselves for experiencing something new.

Tests, Allies and Enemies — Brand’s competitors, cultural acceptance and quality of service and product.

Ordeal, Death, Rebirth — Succeed (live) or fail (die), this is the sacrifices and it’s symbolic. They’re willing to take the risk.

Reward — After the acceptance of this new life we’ll see the consequences of embracing the ‘Brand/Product/Service’ and that’s when we see the results as a client of using the product and when the Company starts retargeting us.

Road Back — We’ve all learned something, the Company has more data about that specific customer and his/her purchase behaviour, how are his or her journey when navigating and going to the funnel.

Resurrection — Now we are evangelists, we have to show the world our new discovery, how much that specific thing changed our routines, lives, whatever.

Return to Elixir — So we go back to our ‘Ordinary World’ — but we’re not the same anymore — until a new light sparks inside of our head generated by the outputs of society makes us realize we think we need something else.

Nowadays we’re all creators and creatures, the Brand’s and Companies are Heros of our necessities and if they don’t just sell services or products but if they sell a Lifestyle it goes even deeper in our minds and the feeling of achieving that desired statement is even stronger because that’s when we can recognize a bit of ourselves on it. The figure of the Hero have qualities that we can all identify with and can be found inside of ourselves, they hold all the archetypes and our personality is shaped by it.

My references and inspirations

Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey

Christopher Vogler — The Writer’s Journey

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