Only for amusement

Adriana Vernalha
1 min readJan 4, 2020


People love freedom

People love free will

but only for amusement,

only on the screen of a cinema,

in a stage of a play or concert,

or in the realm of the imagination.

(in which we live with the same intensity as the brain does not differentiate reality and imagination, it feels in the same way)

but when it comes to real-life, real scenarios,

(not saying that these things are not real life, Art is the most ALIVE thing in life)

when someone faces the freedom, the raw ability of an individual or a group

they insult the ‘RAWs’, to protect themselves

they define them with their small capacity of intellect.

Ego save lives because it is our creature, it is our instincts

but too much ego kills lives and not just of the person with the big ego but as well the ones that somehow can be affected.

Hopefully, little by little everybody will have the opportunity to awake

And we’ll keep on evolving and naturally everything will evolve together.



Adriana Vernalha

A Human Exploring Her Creative Nature. Sometimes in Portuguese Sometimes in English @adrianavernalha