Not Knowing Starts with Knowing

Notes on Knowledge

Adriana Vernalha
2 min readJan 3, 2022

What is reality, if not reasoning.

What is the truth, if not forgetfulness.

One half of the man was forgotten. Buñuel

While the second half is wondering lost.

In order to perceive light and shadow, it has to exist a contrast between them, one is while the other is not. We distinguish everything through the intellect. Conflict raise awareness.

All human beings by nature desire knowledge. Aristotle

We are explorers of the world outside and the world within.

Curiosity is what drives us, it makes us turn the page and watch the next episode. Because immersing ourselves in discovery, gives us pleasure.

By exercising one’s intellect, we achieve eudaimonia, happiness according to Aristotle.

An individual does not differentiate himself by the elements of nature’s composition, but by the correctly exercised rationality. Saint Augustine

We wouldn’t have this ability if we did not need it.

Too much of it can also bring madness. What a wonderful world we have descended!

Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights

When God sends Adam to restore the lowest world, Eden wasn’t the lowest world there was no need for restoration. Chava(Eve) and the Snake, by reasoning (both representing our concrete/analytical mind), knew that the lowest of the worlds would be the one where they would fall after eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

“You shall not eat of it, and you shall not touch it, lest you die.’”

Before the fall, Adam and Chava were unconscious of their existence. Now we are anguished by it.

(greatly explained by Rabbis Manis Friedman)

Knowing things without understanding and daily application, and you are just a cargo.

Information is not knowledge.

Information is nothing without structure.

We need foundation in everything, otherwise we would be constantly falling, and that is chaotic.

Knowledge of yourself and action towards improvement and individualization is powerful!

Self-knowledge is a bitter experience overall, not just at the beginning, but when you taste the sweetness of it, it is sweet and gold like honey.

After the expedition, everything we have grasped, will fade away.

Returning to nothing.

Not knowing starts with knowing.



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