made by Art

Adriana Vernalha
1 min readOct 13, 2019


Art is made within the silence;

Art is what it’s felt when someone is living;

Art is what someone does when alone;

Art is the registration of time, a historical moment, a historical being;

Art reveals the power of (understanding) human beings;

Art can be understood through our five senses, especially the sixth;

Art is a process of discovery;

Art has no form, it is a void, the form of art and it’s dimensions are created by us;

Art is a brief moment of what life really is and can be;

Art is not being made by people, people are being made by Art;

each becomes the other.

“ Imaginative writing, poetry, and religion have typically transmitted the heart’s knowledge and awareness. These writings are an enormous treasure trove what we might call “human truth”. If Human beings had not developed such writing, all we would have would be historical facts. There would be no record of the experience of being human — how it felt.” J.D. GILL



Adriana Vernalha

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