Love is the Death of Reason

The reason will never be higher than passion, mainly because it is the passion for reasoning that makes the philosophical debates a reality.

Adriana Vernalha
2 min readDec 5, 2020
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The passion is the fire which while burning activates all other properties of a substance or a being, in this case, emotions and behaviour.

Yes, we overcome passion by reason, and we should, otherwise, we would come back to our primitive state of being, responding only to our earthly instincts.

As humans beings we cooperate by rationality, some people act by reason because it turned out to be natural, it is just the way their minds settled, others by fear of punishment or just because they have to. Still, it doesn't make them necessarily aware of it. I think I can say that most human beings act irrationally, ending up with a non-understanding effect of their causality and living an undesirable life.

Passion quickly leads to irrational behaviour, and that is where the danger lies. Passion is not loving; love is about endurance, passion comes and disappears within the same intensity and velocity, love is the only thing there is, everything else is an illusion which we will all overcome by the end of existence.

I say that because I believe Love and Death are the only real and genuine things about everyone’s life, to all of us was given time, not the same. Still, the necessary time to fulfil and achieve the purpose of our being, like a candle when burning is in complete alignment with its purpose, which is to be and to bring light where it stands.

Then I would connect reason to death and passion to love because as much reason we give more of the subject dies. After all, we are merely limiting something by the only thing we think that could or would be and reason as our mind, is limited and relative, but love and imagination are not. Now passion, that constant feeling of wanting/missing something which has nothing to do with terrestrial things but our returning home, returning to the divine source from where we are actually from and when the time comes the only thing which will remain is Love.



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