Living Dreams

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The dream is our mind's capacity and our body's result as a whole system working together, not an external hard drive. Dreams are who we are, that is what we do, and all this communication structure is inside every human being. We need to learn the symbolic language of our unconscious so we can make contact.

We tend to think that the world of dreams and unconscious reality is a mere fantasy. Dreams are alive, and that is what makes up reality. We are the dreams of our ancestors. We realize some of our own dreams and some of them. Future generations will do.

If somebody says something that does not fit in the standard way of thinking, people say: _ you are dreaming! It is better to leave a life of dreams than to spend the whole life “sleeping”.

Have you ever stopped to think about our reality, that everything in existence was possible because we restored some of our memories from our unconscious mind?

Everything (human-made) surrounding us was able because some minds could capture and understand a specific idea inside of his/her chaotic unconscious, giving it form?

Everything originates from chaos, our mind, our world, and from it, we can feel, recognise, understand, intellectualise and put it in words and actions.

If we take a closer look, our reality is a source from the unconscious, where the ideas circulate, waiting for a capable mind to understand it. Jung calls it The Collective Unconscious, Plato, The Theory of Forms, and inside of The Kybalion with the Principle of Mentalism.

Nothing suddenly appears in manifestation. There is a more subtle world in which involves. From there, all ideas already exist in potency, and we are here to be the channelers of this power.

The dreams tell us stories, not chronologically, not literally, but symbolic. Each detail serves as a puzzle to bring back the memories of who we were before we were born and forgotten or neglected memories of who we are now while living in this plane. Contents of a dream are also composed of things we experienced during that specific day, but that is not all there is.

Linking to it, whenever you “learn” something new, it feels like you’ve already known that inside of you and in that moment, you lightened that “empty” space, and you saw that it wasn’t empty after all. It was always there.




Artist. Sometimes in Portuguese sometimes in English @adrianavernalha.nani

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Adriana Vernalha

Adriana Vernalha

Artist. Sometimes in Portuguese sometimes in English @adrianavernalha.nani

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