The creation of all things happened at the same time.

For the absolute, everything just happened in a blink of an eye.

Creation is complete.

He which is Absolute there is no time.

For us, relative beings, we demand measures and forms to understand and exist (in this reality).

All were created together and at the same time, but each thing has its time to be revealed, manifested and flourished.

Everything exists; it is just a matter of state of mind, conscious awareness, development and higher vibration.

A star light-years from us appeared only now, but her existence is within all this time being, seeing it or not it doesn’t mean its existence ceased, it only changed its nature.

The Theory of Forms of Plato, The Principle of Mentalism from Hermes they all talked about this mental world, where creation takes its place. It is true Above, and it is True Below.

Existence starts with non-existence, subtle, then starts densifying until it has a form, the other way around happens too, and when achieved non-existence is when the pure existence happens.



Adriana Vernalha

A Human Exploring Her Creative Nature. Sometimes in Portuguese Sometimes in English @adrianavernalha