Adriana Vernalha

May 25, 2019

2 min read

I met this Couple.

Currently, I work in the Hospitality Industry, and today I met this couple.

They came around 3 pm to the bar, both of them ordered Gin and Tonic. The Gins were different, and *each gin usually combines better with different types o fruit. For her, I garnished the glass with grapefruit and mint leaves and for him with two slices of lemon.

They liked it, but he wondered why he didn’t get the grapefruit as well, then I told him the phrase I wrote just above this one *, he understood and was happy anyway.

They wanted to reserve a table on the bar for later. I said it wasn’t necessary because it wouldn’t be busy.

They came in, later on, one of my colleagues took their first drink order, we’ve said hello again, and every moment I had free, we would spend more time talking.

They are from NY, but they were living in Florida. They came to Ireland for a 12 day Cruise trip.

His grandparents were Irish, and that was their second visit to Ireland, the first being 30 years ago when they visited Glendalough. They have mentioned it because that was the gin she had earlier and what he ordered after dinner, with orange and grapefruit.

She said she wasn’t a big fan of Gin and Tonic but this one she really enjoyed and probably was because of the grapefruit. I also got some junipers (the fruit) for her to try.

I did ask how they met, and they said in school, and now, on day 30th of May, they will be commemorating their 57th anniversary together.

They were adorable. In the Hospitality Industry, we can observe people's best and not the best behaviour, and these small conversations about life and our history make it worth it.

We meet people every day, but some of them make it brighter.