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Adriana Vernalha
2 min readJan 23, 2023


Having a conscience is about being and being alive. Conscience is not just a privilege of human beings.

All living things have consciousness. What sets us apart are our cognitive abilities and the possibility of understanding and analyzing life, of reflecting on actions and reactions.

Being aware is looking inside yourself and then looking outside with the same intensity.

It is about reading the symbolic meaning of events in our life, our feelings and all the senses we’ve been given. It’s a self-analysis. It is to look at and perceive a particular subject or material object.

Life and death are gifts given to us. It’s waking up to reality and trying to find yourself in it. It is a space of time to get to know yourself in this dimension, in this present moment, on this side of life;

Every day we wake up differently. Something new was learned the day before, and all the ruling energies of that specific day react by sculpting ourselves.

Awareness is a measure that is conquered little by little and requires effort. The more awareness, the more thoughts, the more doubts, the more joy and the more suffering.

Become nothing to become everything.

It is by understanding what you feel, knowing how to act wisely in every moment and not letting any little feeling take hold of you.

Conscience is a teacher. It teaches you about yourself and the other, about life and death.

To live is to die little by little every day.

To die is about having lived.

Death is the success of life.

text from 2019

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