Attention and entertainment.

Everything is entertainment, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be able to decode the message. Yes, we have black matter we did not decode it but we’re still trying to and there’s lots of attention on it. We may not be paying attention to a certain thing but we’re still entertained on something. Anything we can see, read, observe and even eat is entertainment especially our thoughts which makes us change our attention. If it doesn’t get your attention it may get other people attention, if it doesn’t work or happened with you it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen with others.

The first entertainment we reach is our body and then things start to change because as we grow we start to understand and be aware of what’s surrounding. The basics and erudite learning and the ‘understanding’ of our feelings enable us to be entertained. Is the entertainment that teaches us and makes us grow, life is didactic.

Sometimes doesn’t need to be creative to be entertainment, it needs to be good. Everything can be made following the rules but did not entertain anyone or too many people, it’s still an entertainment piece but it just not that pleasant or maybe we’re just not ready to understand it.

We could create different categories for entertainment.

Well, we actually did it already.

Not everybody goes to the cinema, concert or an art exposition to leave life on the side we go on these places to put our life in front of us, to reconnect and feel who we really are, to get inspired and see ourselves on the characters, musics or dialogues, because when we get out of there we are more alive, we are thinking and planning more, observing and absorbing more and there was full of new or even old information that needed to be reinforced to make us keep on going, to believe and live better.

I agree that there are some people that create jobs, pieces of art, films and music just for money and ‘entertainment’, it’s the Industry, but I believe that the majority of the workers in this area are making it because they love it and they do their jobs by heart, they understand and follow the rules, but they’re not corrupted. We have the tools to improve ourselves but we need to be very careful and analyse on which hands these tools are like Plato already said that ‘Absolute ignorance is preferable to knowledge in inadequate hands’.

Advertising is good when tells the truth, nobody likes to be bullshitted (we still are), we want to consume products and services that have part of our personality, that has a history behind like any people, even a company is an idea that just exists because we believe in it, the company is made by people and has a big impact on the community, society and if it’s International the impact is even bigger. We will not tolerate brands that just wants our money and doesn’t care for the health of humanity, maybe we’re still buying the products but these brands will no longer exist in the future. We like and we want to spend our money but we’re selecting better where it goes (I hope we are).

We are creating content for free for the brands because when we like the experience and see it’s values we want to share it. I personally buy things that I’ve never seen or heard before because it’s just trying that I will have a conclusion if I like it or not.

The machines are learning because WE are making it possible, we can save things we love and memories of people we love, but the machines will never love, WE love machines.

We do not have the same origin but we are all humans, we need to eat and sleep, love and be loved, walk, talk, think, dance, cry and many other things so if you’re creating anything the first thing to think is about yourself, what do you want for yourself and then you will find the answer for everything because the content is real life.

Artist I Creative Producer. Sometimes in Portuguese sometimes in English @adrianavernalha

Artist I Creative Producer. Sometimes in Portuguese sometimes in English @adrianavernalha