We don’t make art. Art makes us.

Adriana Vernalha
2 min readFeb 22, 2022

Art isn’t a thing. Art is an event. It is the life creative force, it wants to be born and needs a vehicle to drive. This energy is driven by beauty, and it aims to deliver harmony. The same expansive energy that allows nature to expand is channelled by us, artists, and manifested as each filter (mind) is capable of.

It’s an urge to create and expel what needs to be revealed, and as we express ourselves, we are being sculpted.

Entheos in Greek means “possessed by God.” Producing a piece of art is being possessed by life, which is also God, as this intelligence is everything and no-thing.

It/She/He is an intelligent being that sustains and nourishes all life It allows life to grow, to expand, to exist, and to transform. It brings it to life and takes it back.

When we channel images or words, we do not imagine it, we have a thunder vision, you know when suddenly an image from your childhood appears in your mind or even a scent from the past, it is a memory, a recovered spark of memory, it’s like remembering who we are, what many may call Akashic records.

Imagination is the ability to sustain that vision that has been revealed and channelled by us through and through. Imagination is building a structure from all memories we have, its entertainment, technique, image, and action.

The Old English root word, cræft, originally meant “power or physical strength.” And for me, that is imagination.

We are not creating anything in this world. We are receiving and decoding messages, like a computer reading the binary codes and transforming them into images or actions. We receive the dual energies of the universe and decode them into the world we live in, and we are co-Creators.

Photo by Cole Marshall on Unsplash

Another meaning of the noun craft is “vehicle”. We are a vehicle for life, and life continues.

Life is active. We are action

Let us be the chariots of this universe

Chaos is given to us, so it is in our hands to bring the order, to be Kosmos.



Adriana Vernalha

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