Let me show you my illusions
Let us play with your conclusions
take apart the diffusion
seconds without confusion

look at the world displayed
all these people displaced
words being played
the world has its games

there is a ghost in my gut
there is lust in the dust

get out of yourself
get done with yourself

If I break down
I may break through
if I lose my way
I — may find — You

in search of silence to steal

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Before being born
I am a seed
After the cry
I am a flower

Tears of giants
a sea of new creatures
ask the poetry
not the poet
there is no pottery
capable of purity
nor eternity

I see the colours fly
the migration of the butterflies
I felt the wind change
powered the windmills
a thousand wild dreams
blowing in the flower fields

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It is ok
even the waves are breaking
the rain has agreed to fall
at any given day

The mind is above
The body in between
and the Soul
is all you have seen

Striking as light
Shrinking like a skin
hours and minutes
and all the juxtapositions

Wild animals are running
humans rearranging
like the cosmos
one by one
we are all strangers

and as I put myself to sleep
I see the many candles waiting
to be lit.

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I am a fusion
of brightness
and confusion

there is solidity
and dissolution
a certain need for validity
and all go down to distillation

a part of me
is in-formation
the other
building up every second
to tear apart in the closest future

I have a word to say
a world to stay
a language to speak
a path to seek

the prehistoric man
is back
and again

to speak the language of the soul
in a world where living, is the only goal.

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If I feel, I must write down
If I fear, I mustn’t withdraw

propelled by fire
flaming inspiration
the energy surrounding
prepare for ignition

face the faces
delight is not in the surface
release the strength
the light is in the absence

emerge and guide
the love should ride
the contents and the intents
surrender to the attempts

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Adriana Vernalha

Adriana Vernalha

Artist. Sometimes in Portuguese sometimes in English @adrianavernalha