Afinal, tudo é reflexo.

Narcissus-Caravaggio (1594–96)

Art is a strength, and it works as a polishing tool for us human beings.

Photo by Pavel Nekoranec on Unsplash

It is better to leave a life of dreams than to spend the whole life “sleeping.”

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The reason will never be higher than passion, mainly because it is the passion for reasoning that makes the philosophical debates a reality.

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Nada existe

Illustration by Author

Can we imagine a life with no references?

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Do You Wish Force or Form? Our desire is for Force (happiness, love, health, wisdom, wealth) these are just some of the names we use to inform us and try to describe it.

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From a place of consciousness that partly emerges in the form of rationalisation and when done efficiently reaches the centre o human’s sensation.

drawing of three triangles of different colors with a black background and a thunder storm on the top
Illustration by Author

Adriana Vernalha

Artist I Creative Producer. Sometimes in Portuguese sometimes in English @adrianavernalha

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