you live on earth
My heart rides like hurried horses
each touch vibrates the earth
and I feel every one of them

I AM knocking on the door
It is Me
Let Me in

you look at Nature as a mirror
that is why you love yourself

Nature has its…

The sun gives light
The moon gives back
gazing in the sky
bright stars dead

it’s deep, the dark
it’s intense
is visible
the pathway of existence
no look back
my emotions, soundtrack…

Notes on Knowledge

What is reality, if not reasoning.

What is the truth, if not forgetfulness.

One half of the man was forgotten. Buñuel

While the second half is wondering lost.

In order to perceive light and shadow, it has to exist a contrast between them, one is while the other is not…

The universe is expansion
The urge to transform
to create with the will
is divine

Higher expressions
Intellectual or Abstract
is a form of eternalizing
and overcoming

eternal forces are…

Afinal, tudo é reflexo.

Narciso, conhecido pela sua beleza (Beleza, um dos 4 pilares da vida pela ótica de Platão) apaixona-se pela sua própria imagem. E quem não?

Narcissus-Caravaggio (1594–96)

Narcisos somos nós, apaixonados pela nossa própria imagem, por aquilo que é superfície, pela imagem das coisas, pela nossa própria visão sobre as coisas, tudo aquilo…

Adriana Vernalha

Artist I Creative Producer. Sometimes in Portuguese sometimes in English @adrianavernalha

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